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Music on the Half Shell provides an opportunity to be part of one of Roseburg’s biggest success stories and to receive widespread community recognition.


To provide free concerts to the public in Roseburg, Oregon featuring quality artists who would normally perform at distant venues for a substantial admission fee.

A Roseburg tradition in its 28th year. Every summer season, people gather on Tuesday evenings at Stewart Park to listen to music, socialize, eat dinner on the lawn and experience the great community in which we live.

Each of the eight concerts averages $20,000 to produce. Seasonal attendance exceeds 50,000 people. The Music on the Half Shell committee began planning the 2019 concert series in October. Fundraising is an ongoing effort. Music on the Half Shell is a private, charitable non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.

2021 COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Clint Newell | Lani Kimoto | Lindsay Kennaday | Micah Watters | Jim Darrow | Chelsea Domenico | Kelly Leonard | Kevin Mathweg | Sarah McGregor | Thomas McGregor | Carol Newell | Mo Nichols | Melody Rogers | Charley Thompson | Marcy Williams | Dwight Wood | Lucy Wood | Andrea Zielinski


dollars to produce each of the eight concerts


minimum seasonal attendance


minimum gross commercial impressions via TV and radio for the series


BENEFACTOR $5,000 and up

MAJOR SPONSOR $2,500 – $4,999

SPONSOR $1,500 – $2,499

CO-SPONSOR $750 – $1,499

FRIEND $749 and below


Benefactors are invited to the hospitality tent reception every week and are publicly recognized before each show. They will also be invited onto the stage to be recognized as a Benefactor and speak to the audience at one of the concerts. Benefactors will also receive an autographed poster at the end of the season.

Major Sponsors and Benefactors receive a parking pass in a reserved area.

Benefactors receive signed reserved parking.

Major Sponsors invited to stage and publicly recognized before one of the shows.

Co-Sponsors & Sponsors recognized before one of the shows.

All sponsors receive a sponsorship gift and will be listed on the Half Shell’s website and are linked to sponsor’s websites.
Sponsor’s names are included on 750 concert posters and 30,000 informational flyers.
All sponsors are listed on a sign displayed during the concerts.
Sponsors will be listed in a full page ad in local area newspapers at the end of the season.
Public relations value that lasts all summer.
A minimum 150,000 gross commercial impressions via TV and radio for the series.

Concert Rules
& Regulations

All City of Roseburg Park regulations apply to patrons of the concerts. The following regulations are of significance to the concert patrons and may be variations from usual policy. In addition, the following regulations apply to those areas of Stewart Park designed as the Fisher Memorial Riverfront Development area, the train, playground area and the pavilion area between the hours of 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm on concert evenings.

  1. No dogs or other animals, except guide dogs, will be allowed after noon.
  2. Skates, skateboards, rollerblades and bicycles are not to be ridden after 5 pm in the concert site area.
  3. Amplified music and excessive noise are prohibited.
  4. No fireworks may be set off during concerts.
  5. Alcohol may be consumed during concerts but may not exceed 12% by volume.
  6. Dancing is allowed in designated areas.
  7. Smoking is not allowed in the park, including concert seating area.
  8. No patron may prevent others from enjoying the concert to its fullest.
  9. Security Officers may remove patrons from the concert when it is deemed that they are unwilling to abide by the regulations and/or when their actions are unlawful or pose potential harm to themselves or others.
  10. Use of photographic or recording equipment is prohibited. If in use, the equipment may be confiscated.

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